Westmere is an island in the Bay of the Moon. It’s the ancestral home of the halflings, many of whom were enslaved and forced off of the island in the distant past, and also the site of the elvish city of Illuriel, founded during the Second Elvish Empire. Most of the island consists of gently rolling meadows and forests. Its soil is tremendously fertile, and it exports grain and other vegetables to many parts of the empire. Aside from the occasional ankheg infestation, the small island is peaceful, guarded by the elvish navy and a minor military presence on the island as well.


The earliest known inhabitants of Westmere are the halflings, who seem to have originated on the island. Before the arrival of the elves the halfings had no writing system with which to keep records, but it is known that their society was peaceful and primarily agricultural. As sailing technology developed on the Vanadian mainland, halflings quickly came into contact with the other races, and welcomed them happily as trading partners, exporting crafts and agricultural products in exchange for the more technologically advanced elven goods. Eventually the city of Illuriel was established by the empire as a trading post.

As the Second Empire began to fall into decline, the elves looked to Westmere as a source of both goods and labor. Much of the native halfling population was enslaved and shipped overseas to replace the manpower that was lost as more and more of their citizens were conscripted into military service. Since then, the few halflings that were left on the island were steadily crowded out by human and elven settlers, moving there for its mild climate and fertile soil. Most of the island’s population now is human, with elves living in Illuriel, though a small, stubborn halfling population remains in the countryside, trying to scrape out a living amongst the tall folk.


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