Fighters come from all walks of life. captainoftheguard.jpg A wandering mercenary, a prize fighter, a guard captain. All are fighters. Anyone with the inclination to pick up a weapon and learn to fight can become one, though few develop the discipline and skill with a weapon necessary to distinguish themselves from the rabble. Most have some degree of military training, either in the legion or as part of local militias. Others teach themselves how to fight, or learn on the fly as they are thrust into battle. A few go to special schools or colleges. Some are brilliantly intelligent, others… not so much. All of them though have learned how to be resilient and to persevere, and all of them have learned the discipline that it takes to truly master the art of warfare.

Fighters can be found everywhere in Vanadia, as they are the most accessible class for most people. Unlike becoming a wizard, for example, there are no special tools required for the job, only the inclination to learn how to fight. Different styles of combat have developed in different regions — many imperial foot soldiers learn how to use shields and polearms, while those from the southern sands typically prefer the scimitar — but the basics of combat are similar everywhere.


Some fighters augment their martial talents with magic, imbuing their weapons with fire or transmuting their skin into bark. This style of fighting is most commonly taught by the elvish aristocracy in their colleges, but could be learned without access to a school of wizardry by anyone with a natural aptitude for sorcery. Most spellswords learn only a handful of spells, and are therefore not well versed enough in the arcane arts to be truly considered mages, but a small few choose to develop their magical abilities further. Rumors abound of small southern colleges that teach martial and arcane arts in an even more sophisticated way than the elves do, but if those schools truly exist, they are secretive and well hidden.


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